Lady Bios

  • Agnes Macphail [ canada ]

    Agnes Macphail Agnes Macphail (Campbell March 1890–1954) was the first woman to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons, and one of the first two women elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Agnes was active throughout her life in Canadian politics and worked for two separate parties and promoted her ideas through column-writing, activist organizing, and legislation. She never married. She was raised in the Methodist Church, but converted to the Reorganized Latter Day Saint church as a teenager. She got her Teachers Certificate and taught at various schools in Ontario. Agnes joined the United Farmers of Ontario (UFO) and its women's organization, the United Farm Women of Ontario. She also became a columnist for the Farmer's Sun. Causes she championed included pensions for seniors and workers' rights. Agnes was also the first Canadian woman delegate to the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, where she worked with the World Disarmament Committee. Although a pacifist, she voted for Canada to enter World War II. More about Agnes at The Canadian Encyclopedia.
  • Andrea Nugent [ canada ]

    Andrea Nugent Andrea Nugent, born 1968 in Montreal, studied modern languages at McGill while competing with the swim team from 1988 to 1993. One of the most prolific swimmers in school history, she achieved All-Canadian honours three times. Over the course of her university career, Andrea won seven gold medals, two silvers and one bronze at the CIS national championships, establishing CIS meet records in the 50-metre butterfly and the 100m freestyle. While swimming for McGill University in the 1992-93 season, she went undefeated in 25 consecutive races (which included three events -- the 50- and 100-metre freestyles, plus the 100-metre butterfly). She went on to capture the Gladys Bean trophy as McGill's female athlete of the year and was also the Quebec conference nominee for the Howard-Mackie Award, presented to the top student-athlete in the country. She won five medals for Canada during the World University FISU Games at Sheffield, England in 1991 and at Buffalo in 1993. A two-time Olympian for Canada, Nugent won bronze for Canada at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in New Zealand and bronze at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul. Andrea also competed at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, where she served as captain of the swim team. Andrea was inducted into the McGill Sports Hall of Fame on October 18th, 2007.  
  • Brigitte Nicole [ canada ]

    Brigitte Nicole My name is Brigitte Nicole I am a writer, specifically quotes and self help material. I dedicate myself in providing help though my writings to people who are struggling with life. My goal is for my page to revolve my around my writings, which I fondly call “the art of words”, for I believe in the power of words to induce change personally and globally. The capacity of words to help someone has impressed me so much. To me, words are like math wherein one has to master and know a workable formula to deliver the right message. Check out Brigitte’s facebook page and her website.
  • Céline Dion [ canada ]

    celine dionCéline Marie Claudette Dion (born 1968) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, businesswoman and occasional actress. Born into a large family of 14 children, Céline emerged as a teen star in the French-speaking world after her manager and future husband René Angélil mortgaged his home to finance her first record. In 1990, she released the English-language album Unison, establishing herself as a viable pop artist in North America and other English-speaking areas of the world. Céline has promoted the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF) since 1982, and became the foundation's National Celebrity Patron in 1993. She has supported "World Children's Day", a global fundraising effort sponsored by McDonald's. The effort raised money from more than 100 nations and benefited orphanages and children's health organizations. After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Dion donated $100,000 to China Children & Teenagers' Fund. Since 2004, she is involved with the Québec gay community by supporting the publication of health and HIV prevention materials in Gay Globe Magazine. Céline's website.
  • Clara Martin [ canada ]

    clara martin(Brett) Clara Martin was born, and spent her entire life in Toronto, Canada. She was  the youngest of the 12 children who were all well educated. In 1890, she obtained a mathematics degree from Trinity College and began a teaching career. But when, in 1891, she made known to the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) that she sought admission to the bar, an extraordinary sequence of events was put in motion. Some of the trash Clara had to put up with:“because of the natural limitations, duties and delicacies” of women, their admission to the practice of law would “bring shame and ridicule on courts of law” Clara Martin, barrister and solicitor, made her way through several Toronto law firms eventually opening up her own firm in 1906, at 125 College Street. But succeed she did, mostly in family law, wills and estates. She was an enthusiastic public speaker and spoke on the issue of women voting rights every chance she got. She supported the establishment of a Women’s Court. Read Clara’s biography at the Dictionary of Canadian
  • Ellen Page [ canada ]

    Ellen Page Ellen Page born 1987 in Halifax, NB is a Canadian actress who started her career in Canada with roles in the television shows Pit Pony, Trailer Park Boys, and ReGenesis. Page ventured into films, winning attention after starring in the 2005 drama Hard Candy, before her breakthrough role as Juno (2007). Ellen has had many roles. Page has won more than 25 awards, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, a Golden Globe Award, and a BAFTA for Juno. In 2008, Page was one of 30 celebrities who participated in an online ad series for U.S. Campaign for Burma, calling for an end to the military dictatorship in Burma. She describes herself as a pro-choice feminist. She attended Buddhist school in her youth and practiced meditation and yoga. She practices a vegan lifestyle, and PETA named her one of the Sexiest Vegetarians of 2014. On February 14, 2014, Page came out as gay in a speech at the Human Rights Campaign's "Time to Thrive" conference.
  • Emily Carr [ canada ]

    Emily Carr

    Emily Carr (December 13, 1871 – March 2, 1945) was a Canadian artist and writer heavily inspired by the Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Emily was one of the first painters in Canada to adopt a modernist and post-impressionist painting style.

    Emily Carr did not receive widespread recognition for her work until later in her life. As she matured, the subject matter of her painting shifted from aboriginal themes to landscapes, and in particular, forest scenes. As a writer, Carr was one of the earliest chroniclers of life in British Columbia.

  • Goldie Red Burns [ canada ]

    Goldie "Red" BurnsGoldie "Red" Burns (1925 -2013) was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and was the youngest of the three children of two Russian immigrants. Her hair color inspired her nickname Red. When she graduated from high school early at the age of 16, her parents considered her too young to go to college so she went to Montreal for an internship at the National Film Board of Canada where she trained as a documentary filmmaker. Red began her interest in social uses of technology, including the possibility that everybody could make documentaries, when she attended, in 1970, a demonstration of the Sony portapak camera, the first portable video camera. Red was the co-founder and chair of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Until her death in 2013 at the age of 88, Red continued to research and teach and was the Principal Investigator on two Intel and Microsoft-funded major research projects. Read her entire biography.
  • Grandma Moses [ canada ]

    Gandma Moses Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson)is an American woman who began painting when she was 76 years old, giving up embroidery because of arthritis but not before she brought forth 5 son & 5 daughters. She depicted scenes of rural life, in her signature "primitive" style, colorful and active, while lacking traditional perspective. Anna has appeared on magazine covers, television and in a documentary of her life. She wrote her autobiography, won numerous awards and was awarded two honorary doctoral degrees. Watch a video on her life. Read more about Anna here.
  • Gretta Vosper [ canada ]

    Gretta Vosper Gretta Vosper’s own words: My congregation belongs to The United Church of Canada, probably the most progressive Christian denomination in the world. It ordained women over seventy years ago and has been ordaining openly LGBTQ leaders for decades. But theologically it remains in the closet about the human construction of religion and all its trapping. I couldn’t stay in that closet. I came out as an atheist in 2001. After I spontaneously preached a sermon in which I completely deconstructed the idea of a god named God, rather than fire me, the congregation chose to step out on an unmarked path. With them, I’ve laboured, lamented, lost, and loved. It’s hard road but a worthy one with no finish line in sight. Let’s walk this road together. I promise you’ll be inspired.  
  • Isabel Huggan [ canada ]

    Isabel HugganIsabel Huggan (born 1943, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada), is a prize-winning Canadian author of fiction and personal essays.  In 1976 Isabel won first prize in a National Film Board of Canada contest for women scriptwriters for a film script based on her short story “Celia Behind Me”. Even going through many illnesses through the years, Isabel continues to write and publishes poetry, book reviews, and newspaper travel articles, and contributes to literary journals and anthologies. Isabel also wrote Belonging: Home Away from Home.  
  • Lesley Crewe [ canada ]

    Lesley CreweLesley grew up in Montreal, QC. After graduating from Concordia University with a degree in English and Education, she and her hubby settled down in Homeville, Cape Breton and raised a family.

    From 2000-2005, Lesley was a features writer and columnist (Home Fires) for Cape Bretoner Magazine, and from 2005-2009, a columnist (Lesley's Letters) with the on-line magazine, Cahoots. In 2005 her first novel, Relative Happiness, was published and became an instant bestseller.  Lesley has since written 8 novels. In 2012, Relative Happiness was optioned for film, and in 2014, Lesley's characters came to life on the big screen. The movie was produced by Wreckhouse Productions.

    Quote: "Although born and raised in Montreal a hundred years ago, I live in Cape Breton with my retired husband, two warring cats and a murder of crows. Our kids flew the coop long ago. I got into writing as a way to avoid housework and I've been on a diet for over fifty years with no success. I like to walk, read and collect old children's books. It is my mission in life to hug as many animals as possible.

    Lesley Crewe website.
  • Margaret Atwood [ canada ]

    Margaret Atwood Eleanor  Margaret Atwood  (born November 18, 1939) is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, and environmental activist. She is a winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and Prince of Asturias Award for Literature, won the Booker Prize  and won the Governor General’s Award  twice. In 2001 Margaret was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame. She is also a founder of the Writers’ Trust of Canada, a non-profit literary organization that seeks to encourage Canada’s writing community. Among innumerable contributions to Canadian literature, she was a founding trustee of the Griffin Poetry Prize. Margaret Atwood is also the inventor, and developer, of the LongPen and associated technologies that facilitate the remote robotic writing of documents.  
  • Nora A. Cebotarev [ canada ]

    Nora CebotarevNora Cebotarev  (1928-2007) is a  Canadian who did her early University studies at West Virginia University and Pennsylvania State University, earning her PhD in 1972. In 1970 she began her long association with the University of Guelph as an associate professor in 1970 and was appointed Professor Emerita in the Departments of Sociology and Anthropology. A polyglot, she  spoke 8 languages with knowledge and grace. She was known as an inspiring, receptive and compassionate teacher who during her career would assist some 300 plus students with graduate studies.  In 1970 she taught her first Women’s Studies course and was among the team to convince the University of Guelph Senate to accept Women’s Studies as a major and minor topic in 1978. She authored three books an Latin American rural studies, an active subject of interest and innumerable articles for North American and international journals. Interview with Nora on equality.