Lady Bios

  • Karen Clark [ united-states ]

    Karen Clark

    Karen Clark is a writer, teacher and the founder of the Path of She. The Path of She synthesizes twenty-five years of spiritual and feminist studies, gender-based consulting, and dreaming and healing with the Dark Goddess.

    The beating heart of Karen’s work is her passionate belief that we each have the capacity to transform our lives into a fuller, richer expression of our innate joy, gifts and beauty, and to bring our very best to our family, communities and our Earth home.

    Her Path of She work reaches out to the beauty magic and profound capabilities that lie dormant within our everyday existence and collective humanity, lost jewels and hidden treasures just waiting for the touch of our conscious awareness, and our love, to reawaken and blossom.

  • Karen Salmansohn [ united-states ]

    Karen Salmansohn Karen Salmansohn is a regular columnist for Oprah, CNN, Psychology Today, Huffington Post and MSN and writes a popular career column for amNY, one of New York's largest newspapers, called "The 1 Minute Career Therapist". She is also a relationship expert for, and Lifetime TV and a career coach for AOL (alongside Tom Peters and Brian Tracey). She has twenty-nine books, five TV development deals, two film deals, and one perfume named "Unavailable: it's more than a perfume, it's a philosophy." She is most known for creating a new breed of highly graphic and feisty self-help books — like her best sellers How To Be Happy, Dammit, Prince Harming Syndrome, Instant Happy and The Bounce Back Book — self-help books that she herself describes as being for "people who would never be caught dead reading self-help books" or "self-help books you can give as a gift and not get slapped because they look kinda cool".  
  • Karin Abarbanel [ united-states ]

    Karin Abarbanel

    Karin Abarbanel, author of Birthing the Elephant,  was inspired by the incredible surge of women into small business. The figures are astounding: Every 60 seconds, 5 more women launch new ventures in the United States – that’s 200,000 a month and 2.5 million a year.

    Looking at these numbers and at the explosion of small-business start-ups on the Internet, my co-author and I realized that there was a real need for a book that would help women negotiate the rocky emotional terrain of the critical first 22 months of a venture, when every decision counts and every mistake is magnified.

  • Katrina Mayer [ united-states ]

    Katrina Mayer In 1996 she almost died due to an ectopic pregnancy and her perspective shifted completely. Suddenly, what had seemed important no longer did. She decided that making a difference in the world was what touched her heart the deepest. So, she started reading every book and writing a journal. Many of those journal passages were woven together to create her first book, The Mustard Seed Way. Katrina became an ordained interfaith minister, earned a Ph.D. in Metaphysics  and became certified in raw food nutrition  All the while, she worked at a major bank in NY and climbed the corporate ladder to eventually become a First Vice President. Then, in 2011 she left her corporate title, moved out of New York to a house deep in the woods of the Smoky Mountains, married a wonderful man, and published her second book, entitled Wholarian Vision: How to Remember Your Connection to Everything and now has speaking engagements everywhere. Visit her website.  
  • Keira Wetherup Brown [ united-states ]

    Keira Wetherup Brown Keira Wetherup Brown is a seeker of the magical and mystical elements of life.  A teacher for over ten years, she has felt a calling to help empower women.  After the birth of her daughters and an unexpected health condition Keira embarked on a healing journey fueling her passion to incorporate the divine feminine and goddess work in her studies. The Gossamer Path is Keira's  blog and is her journey to create a beautiful life through self-empowerment, conscious living, and reclaiming the divine feminine.
  • Kim Bayne [ united-states ]

    Kim Bayne Reiki Practitioner & Certified Life Coach. Facebook Page: Live Life Positively with Kim Bayne
  • Kimberley Blaine [ united-states ]

    Kimberley Blaine Kimberley Blaine is a licensed therapist (LMFT), author and healthy lifestyle expert. She is the executive producer of the Go-To MomTM  web series – She is a nationally recognized mental health expert and an inspirational speaker.  The Go-To Mom life style shows were designed to address the overall mental health & well-being of mothers and was one of the first grass-roots web series launched in 2006. Kimberley is the mother of boys, 5 lovable rescue pets and is well known for her advocacy efforts for pet adoptions. She is the official Go-To Pet Parent for Kimberley reminds us that building strong relationships with our children is the cornerstone of humane and loving discipline in her book The Go-To Mom’s Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children.  
  • Kirsten Kuehn [ united-states ]

    Kirsten Kuehn A free spirited bridal designer with a passion for sparkly things. After two years at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA, Kirsten Kuehn launched her first collection in 2009 at the age of 20. Now based in Chicago, creations include an assortment of handmade ornamented bridal accessories, focusing on vintage glamour with a fresh perspective. Inspired by ethereal fabrics & dazzling crystals, Kirsten creates timeless eye-catching designs sure to make any bride sparkle on her special day. Visit Kirsten's sparkly website which includes wedding clothing/accessories/lingerie/sashes etc.