Brenda Ueland


Brenda Ueland 1

Brenda Ueland (born 1913-2006)  spent her life as a staunch feminist and is said to have lived by two rules: To tell the truth, and to not do anything she didn’t want to.

She freelanced for many publications including the Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, Golfer and Sportsman, and varied newspapers. She was a staff writer for Liberty Magazine and the Minneapolis Times, among other publications. She was also an  editor script writer for radio shows.

In 1946, while covering the treason trials of Vidkun Quisling, Brenda was awarded the Knight of Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olaf by the Norwegian government. Brenda was concerned with animal welfare and regularly spoke out against vivisection. She worked in a no-kill animal shelter established in 1952.

Brenda wrote at least 2 books If You Want to Write: a Book about Art and Me: A Memoir.

She was married 3 times each ending in divorce and had one child.  By her own account she had many lovers.

Brenda was very physically active well into her old age walking up to 9 miles a day.  She  set an international swimming record for people over 80 years old. Find more info at the Minnesota Historical Society.