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Why? | Awesome Quotes by Women

Posted By Francine Proulx-Harvey
Posted on: October 27, 2014


Francine Harvey ~ Feminine FusionA Feminine Fusion of “Awesome Quotes by Women” is provided as a labor of love and are free to use with integrity.

My only goal here is in sharing the intelligence of women, to make you think or bring a smile to your face.

I’m fond of art so this is a double work of love. The images used are from artists who have been deceased for quite some time.  I’m an artist myself so if you’re curious please check out my own art website.

The words are held and are the property of  the ladies.  I created every “picture quote” myself and give credit to the artists who painted them. I categorize them where they were born and not where they are living.

The animal images were, as far as I know, free to use.  The sayings are just ordinary words used every day.

Enjoy the journey… and share with your friends.

Please contact me by email here if you have any questions or requests.